The risk of wildfire has become a year-round threat throughout much of Southern California. Each year, numerous homes are threatened, damaged, or destroyed by these wildfires. To help prevent the spread of fire, the Colton Fire Department reminds residents to keep their homes and property clear of weeds, brush, and hazardous vegetation. It is important to remember that weed abatement is a year-round commitment to keeping your family, home, and community safe.

The Colton Fire Department enforces the weed abatement requirements outlined in the Fire Code, Health and Safety Code, and Colton Municipal Code.

As a courtesy, the Colton Fire Department notifies residents in advance of upcoming inspections. Courtesy notices are mailed out twice each year, once in March, and again in November.

Residents are responsible for clearing their properties themselves or they can hire a contractor to clear the property for them.



 Fire inspectors conduct property inspections for weeds, trash, and other combustible vegetation that presents, or potentially presents, a fire hazard each Spring and Fall.



Colton Fire Department will begin inspecting parcels near the June 1st deadline for fire dangers posed by overgrown weeds, trash, or other hazardous vegetation.

If the weeds are removed before the June 1st deadline, no penalty is assessed. If the fire hazard is present after the June 1st deadline, the property will be forwarded to the city appointed contractor for abatement.

If the Fire Department has to provide for abatement of any property cost recovery fees for contractors cost, as well as administrative fees, will apply. Administrative fees will be according to the most recent adopted fee schedule. Current weed abatement administrative fee is $856.00 per parcel. Charges will be billed to the property owner on file with the County Assessor’s Office and, if not paid, will be sent to lien against the property after an Assessment Hearing.

All notices and invoices are sent to the property owner on file with the County Assessor’s office.  It is the responsibility of the parcel owner to advise our office of a pending sale or transfer of sale.


Parcels are also inspected annually in the Fall, primarily targeting re-growth of vegetation and tumbleweeds. Courtesy notices are usually sent out in November with a due date for abatement of December 31. The previously listed fees are applicable if abatement is not obtained.


If you have any questions concerning the minimum fire safety requirements or the Weed Abatement Program,  please see our FAQ’s or call 909-370-5100.